Late Night Gravy #15


"Pick Up" - Bonobo

"Beach Head(Bonobo Remix)" - Mechanical Me

"Massage Solution" - Flying Lotus

"Deal" - Kevin Yost

"Flip Ya Lid" - Nightmares on Wax

"A Dub For Mali" - Afrolicious


"Left Hand Straw(Shit Line Gravy Remix)" - Controller 7

"Sci-Fidelity" - Free The Robots

"Listen to the Future" - Free The Robots

"Drunk Trumpet" - Kid Koala

"Let's Take Off" - Dam Funk


"Dreamslide Bomb" - Black Moth Super Rainbow

> Rogers & Haak ThreeCeePeeOh Remix

"Frost" - Salem


Brand New Episode


2 Assholes Talking Music #86

We're getting ready to close out another year of 2 Assholes Talking Music so we thought we'd keep things simple tonight. Drinking beers and roasting the week in music news. We start things off with an update on the GWAR/Bullsac of Death story from our last show, why Suicide Silence can't and shouldn't catch a break, the leader of Indonesia loves Metallica, Linkin Park getting kicked out of the AMA's after winning an award, Christmas music from DMX, A Perfect Circle kicking fans out of shows for taking pictures, what kind of music psychopaths listen to, Wu Tang Clan sues a dog walking company, and that one time the Beach Boys covered a Charles Manson song. After the news we play White Boy Theater and Ryan's reign of awfulness continues. Last but not least we have some new Christmas music, this is waaaaaay better than the DMX track, from Starkill doing their rendition of "All I Want For Christmas Is You". It's kicks the Mariah Carey version right in the dick!! 

Brand New Episode


2 Assholes Talking Music #85

Well, tonight started off on a bit of a sour note. We were supposed to have Mark Kloeppel from Misery Index on the phone for an interview but due to some technical difficulties on our end we had to scrap it and reschedule. After we got done crying in our beers we decided to forge ahead and do our normal show. Lots of metal news because well, we planned on tying all that into the interview with Mark. We cover Twiggy Ramirez being accused of rape and getting the boot from Marilyn Manson, GWAR guitarist Bullsac the Jaws of Death is very sick, Buckethead finally reveals why he wears a bucket on his head, new Dime Bag material, highest earning dead celebrities of 2017, Dave Grohl and Kristen Bell rock out, live concerts coming to a flight near you, Every Time I Die is being sued by a fan injured at a show, and more. We have a new WTF Band that is both equal parts offensive and hilarious, another round of Guess That Video, and we close out the show with some new and old music from Misery Index. We promise once we get our shit together we'll have Mark for an interview but till then load up the alcohol and check out the new episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!

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Snap Bombs

The boys from Letterkenny give us a quick lesson on how to release the perfect snapper and get a one way ticket to Big Titty City

Halloween Fail

Fail Army Presents Halloween Spooktacular....

Cattle Decapitation "The Prophet of Loss"

From their latest album "The Anthropocene Extinction". Per the YouTube description:
"During a recent European run, our friend Paul McGuire of Obscenery Films traveled with the band and captured glimpses of what day-to-day life on the road is like for Cattle Decapitation and spoke with the members as they reflected on years of touring and what their future holds. The result is an entertaining, humorous and informative documentary that shows the band as a live entity and also what goes on during their down time on tour; play-throughs, interviews, concert chaos, Euro-tourism and more. We hope you enjoy it!"

Halloween Gravy #6

Each year we like to put together an evil mix of music in honor of our favorite holiday, Halloween. In the past years we created a kind of episodic mix following the brutal actions of the Phantom Killer. We figured this year we would do a stand alone mix that strays from the Phantom Killer story line and concentrates more on the music. Halloween Gravy #6 features some hip hop and Jim's dark Drum N' Bass mix from our Friday the 13th show the other week. This mix is the perfect background for handing out candy and scaring the neighborhood kids, the soundtrack to whatever you plan on getting into on the 31st or just put your headphones on in a dark room and drift away into audio psychosis. Happy Halloween!!!!

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WTF Band of the Week - Boys On Wheels

Our featured WTF Band from episode #85 of the podcast, Boys On Wheels!! The brainchild behind B.O.W. is Jesper Odelberg, a Swedish sit-down comedian with cerebral palsy. His appearance on Norwegian television in 2006 with his band, Boys on Wheels, brought him wider fame after the performance went viral. He is known for being very self exposing and often jokes about Cerebral Palsy, CP, since he suffers from it himself.

Charles Bronson Mandom Cologne Commercial

Back in the day when Charles Bronson wasn't serving up fist loads of vigilante justice he was bathing in his favorite cologne, Mandom. Yes, this was a real product in this was the actual commercial. I'd love to get my hands on some that stuff so I too can smell like Charlie B and woo the ladies. But for real, he straight up takes a bath in the shit. Take it easy Chuck, a little dab will do.