2 Assholes Talking Music #84: Halloween Spectacular

It's Friday the 13th in October so what better time to rip our Halloween show! We're joined this week by some local musicians, Johnny and Buddy from Party Obvious and Brandon Castino from Stone Rollin' Devils. We kick things off with some weird, WTF news and move into the horror movie discussion. Everything from the movie that scarred the shit out you to being the second person in the human centipede. Trust me, it just gets weird. We see which guest knows the most horror movie trivia and for once this might be a game Jim could win. We wrap things up with Jim on the turntables putting down a creepy Drum & Bass set. Many laughs and many beers were had and at some point the show jumped completely off the rails but that's the way we like it. Big thanks again to Johnny, Buddy, and Brandon for hanging out!!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #83

We'll be taking a few weeks off so we thought we'd just get back to basics for a night with just Jim and Ryan roasting the week in music news. We kick things off with a little public service announcement regarding our buddies in Mungion and their gear heist in Detroit. The band was recently robbed of all their gear, van, and trailer during a stop over in Michigan. Search "Mungion" on Go Fund Me if you'd like to donate to their cause and help them get back on their feet. Or you could catch them on their current N.American tour and by a ticket and some merch. From there it's more news with stories like Chance the Rapper donating two million dollars to the Chicago Public School System, Lil' Wayne's brush with death in Chicago, System of a Down goes jazz, Pharma Bro v/s Wu Tang Clan, Black Metal pop music, a death at Burning Man, what getting goose bumps while listening to music means, and why The Calgary Police says listening to heavy music makes you a nazi. Our game for tonight is another offensive round of TWEET or TWIT and we close out the show with Jim on the turntables puttin' down some sounds. 

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2 Assholes Talking Music #82

We're joined by local radio personality/producer Fernando Navarro tonight!! Fernando has seen it all during his time in the industry, from Mancow to the 2 Assholes. Fernando is a perfect fit for the podcast and he doesn't skip a beat once we fire things up and roast the week in music news. This week we cover a Metallica fan who was arrested after peeing on a family during a concert, R. Kelly's sex cult, the death of the Chuck E. Cheese animatronic band, Linkin Park's cryptic message about getting a new lead singer, a death at a kinky sex rave, a street performer who was told to go home and practice by local police, and more!!! We close out the show with Guess That Video and once again Fernando was right in his element. Much love to Mr. Navarro for coming out and hanging out with us for the night. This won't be the last time you hear him on the show. Support pirate radio!

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Greatest Family Guy Clip

This is by far my favorite joke ever done on Family Guy. All hail Jon Benjamin!!!

Run, Seth, Run!!!

Vagina Flavored Beer? Vagina Flavored Beer.

Don't get me wrong, I love beer more than anybody and that goes double for craft beers. I love being able to support local brewers and try amazing beer at the same time but let's be honest there's some Frankenstein shit out there and it's getting a little ridiculous. It seems the possibilities are endless when it come to creating new flavors of beer. From birthday cake beer to a hoppy IPA who's hops were cultivated by a cleft lip, walks with limp, blind monk in the mountains of some province I can't pronounce there's something out there for everyone. Case in point.....the Order of Yoni.
A beer maker that is using beer brewed with the essence of a woman’s vagina, or in medical speak, vaginal lactic acid bacteria. Well, pour me a pint! The first batch is being made in Europe and is being made from lactic acid bacteria of a smoking hot Czech model, Alexandra Brendlova, pictured above.
According to founder Wojtek Mann Brendlova is the beer's muse,
“We were looking for an inspiration, a model who is both beautiful, charming girl and intelligent, eloquent woman. I really appreciate her way of speaking, and I find her body language, the way she walks, very sexual.” 

So where do you find vagina beer? As of right now, no where. Mann is using the power of Indie Go Go to fund his yeasty new ale and isn't close to hitting his goal. Yoni’s InieGoGo page has risen only €279 out of €150,000 goal. Right now, Mann offers you to taste your own girlfriend for only €10,000. You’ll get a voucher for 60 bottles of beer produced on your girlfriend’s vaginal bacteria. I think I'll stick with my local brewery, thanks.
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2 Assholes Talking Music #81

ur special guest tonight is J.B. Bartlett from Chicago's patrons of groove, Waxworks!! J.B. was nice enough to stop by the lab to talk about everything from the upcoming album to Game of Thrones. No spoilers. It's hard to put a finger on Waxworks considering the rotating line-up of talented players. One night they might have a horn section and one night they might have someone on keys. The one constant that remains is their incredible sound be it Julian's thunderous percussions or Frank's amazing voice. We feature a few tracks tonight from their 'Lost At Sea' EP while we await the release of their upcoming full length album. We pepper J.B. with a little of the ol' Q&A and a game of Fake or Real. Big thanks again to J.B. for hanging out with us and fucking around for a little bit.

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The Horror Years

If you don't remember the old TV show the Wonder Years this one might sail over your head. The show centered around Kevin Arnold (little Fred Savage) growing up in the turbulent '60s. The show was pretty much one big flashback narrated by his adult self looking back and remembering events in his life. A maniacal genius swapped out the inner, narrative monologue and replaced it was '80s horror synth. This might be my favorite thing on the internet right now.

2 Assholes Talking Music #80

We're joined by Chicago jam band Bodhicitta for some beers tonight!! Bodhicitta is the perfect example of what happens when four guys pick up their instruments and can all be on the same page. It's the in the pocket jams from a budding band that will hopefully be making noise on the scene for years to come. The guys stopped by the garage for a little bit to talk shop, do some beer tasting, cover the news, and play White Boy Theater. Turns out Ken is really good at it. If you're in and around the Chicago land area keep an ear out for these dudes. This is a live show you want to see. Big thanks to Kyle, Ryan, Alex, & Ken for hanging out and putting up with your shit for a few hours. It's always fun to have a good time with good people. Check out their website for more info and upcoming shows or find them on Facebook to see all their wonderful faces!

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