2 Assholes Talking Music #78

Unfortunately, we ran into some technical difficulties that weren't discovered until after the fact so bare with us as the sound quality is not top tier. Nevalra stopped by the lab while laying waste to the Midwest on the their Slash the Summer tour. After I introduced the boys to a Chicago delicacy, Italian beefs, we sat down to talk about everything from conspiracy theories, worst on stage moves, ryder sheets, their least favorite genre of metal, girlfriends on the road, and a lot more. As always we have to play a game so the boys took a crack at "Tweet or Twit" with the loser having to walk to the gig. 
Even if you're not a fan of of black metal or extreme metal this interview hits on all points and has something for everyone. Nevalra is one of the hardest working bands I've ever had the pleasure to meet and call my friends. The amount of work and dedication these guys put into their craft is unrivaled. I'm saying it right now, in another year Nevalra will be one of the biggest names in metal and they most certainly deserve it. Check out nevalra.com for all things satan and links to their social media accounts. It always a trip when these dudes stop in town and this time isn't any different. Tune in and support pirate radio!!!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #77

Just Ryan & Jim in the studio this week but no worries we'll be back in July and August with all kinds of musical guests and great interviews. This week we cover Chris Cornell's autopsy, Nickelback hates Stone Sour, Hanson calls Bieber chylamidia of the ear, Gene Simmons is still a dick, West Texas University class on metal lyrics. the Waken Open Air Festival beer pipeline, a guy busted at Bonaroo for selling an obscene amount of fake drugs, Pop star ryder sheets, a new YouTube artist who has 40 million views and 3 million dislikes on a month old video, and we close out the news with a quiz to find out which boy band personality we are. For our game tonight it's "Fake or Real" featuring bands from the Waken Open Air Festival in Germany this August. We close out the show with some killer new music from England's very own Rag n Bone Man. This dude is blowing up right now!! Grab yourself a cold beer and pump up the volume, it's time for more pirate radio for the 2 Assholes!!!

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Featured Artist - Rag 'n' Bone Man
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Rag 'n' Bone Man "Human"

Our featured artist this past week on the 2 Assholes Talking Music podcast(new episode up thread) is English vocal powerhouse Rag 'n' Bone Man. The 32 year old is quickly staking out his place in the world of R&B with his new album 'Human' and recently taking home the award for British Breakthrough Act and Critics Choice Award at the 2017 Brit Awards. At the age of 15, he MCed with a drum and bass crew using the handle Rag 'N' Bonez, inspired by watching repeats of the 1970s British sitcom Steptoe and Son. When he moved to Brighton, his friend Gi3mo formed the Rum Committee and invited him to join the group as well. He started performing at Slip-jam B, where he met a lot of people who helped him to start his musical career.[5] Over the next few years, they supported hip hop artists Pharoahe Monch and KRS-One at Brighton’s Concorde 2, and released their own album through Bandcamp. Around 2011, Graham started working with UK hip hop label High Focus, releasing a number of recordings with them such as; a collaboration E.P with MC/Producer Leaf Dog under the name (Dog 'n Bone E.P [2013]) and also a project with MC/Producer Dirty Dike under the name (Put That Soul On Me [2014]). Shortly afterwards Graham began to collaborate with record producer Mark Crew, who at the time was working on Bastille’s debut album Bad Blood. In 2013 Graham signed a publishing deal with Warner Chappell which enabled him to pursue his music career full-time.

Pop Star Rider Sheets

These are always fun to read. If you're not familiar with what a rider sheet is it's the backstage/green room demands made by bands and performers that must be met by the venues. Stuff like deli platters, and booze are pretty common place when it comes to backstage fare but over the years demands by some of the biggest names in music have taken things to the next level. At this point everyone has heard of the famous "Brown M&M's" story from Van Halen in the '80s. It was revealed years later that the band never really gave a shit about what color candy they had backstage but it was more to make sure that the venue actually read their demands and followed at the details. Below are a few of the best from this recent Business Insider article....

Iggy Pop
A copy of USA Today that's got a story about morbidly obese people in it
6 bottles of Grolsch or decent local beer
F------ loads of good red wines
6 large bottles of good quality sparkling water
3 cases x 12 oz bottles of still mineral water
6 bottles of alcohol free beer
1 case of big bottles of good, premium beer
A bottle of vodka
Cauliflower/broccoli, cut into individual florets and thrown immediately into the garbage. I f------ hate that.


200-person entourage
2o international phone lines
Her backstage room must look exactly like her own home (that means she ships around her furniture)
Special flower-scented fabric
Actual flowers
Personal chef who prepares only vegan foods
Her own dry-cleaning service

Lady Gaga

2 Bottles of white wine with wine opener — Kendall Jackson or Robert Mondavi preferred
1 Pack of Straws
1 Cushioned office style chair
TV with cable and a DVD player
1 Rolling clothing rack 
4 Unscented candles
Cool-mist humidifier
3 fans
Tea kettle, organic ginger and lemongrass tea and honey are very important.
1 4 pack of Red Bull Light (on ice)
2 Bottles of Green Tea
1 Container of Guacamole
Hot dogs (Yves veggie dogs eaten with toothpicks)
A smoothie station (with frozen berries, fuze and whey protein or non-fat Greek yogurt) Blender needed
1 Plate of cheese (non-smelly, non-sweaty on ice) with whole wheat/healthy crackers
A mix of assorted fresh fruit (cut and must have edible skin OR edible seeds OR citrus)


Annihilation Gravy

This is not for the faint of heart. You are about to enter the world of a madman.
Annihilation Gravy is the soundtrack of a gun toting psycho that eliminate anything and anyone who gets in his way. Nobody is safe once the gun is cocked and the finger is on the trigger. His blood lust can't be controlled and can only be satisfied once the bullets start flying. Track after track of blistering death metal paves the way to total annihilation.

"Ascendance to the Summoning" - Archspire
"Orphans of Sickness" - Deeds of Flesh
"Self Proclaimed God" - Benighted
"A Nightmare Incarnate" - Ingested
"Circo Inhumanitis" - Cattle Decapitation
"Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation" - Viraema
"Dementia" - Through The Eyes of The Dead
"Corpses Thrown Across the Sky" - Rings of Saturn
"Rotted Paradise" - Oppressor
"A Massacre in the North" - Abominable Putridity
"Scavenging the Slaughtered" - Vomitory
"Vimana" - Nevalra
"No New Beginning" - Blood Red Throne

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2 Assholes Talking Music #76

This week we're joined by Bridge for a quick jam session and a little interview afterwards. Bridge has been around for many years and has played many shows. A few line up changes later they're back to their core trio and have never sounded better. Like a fine wine, Bridge has aged well and if you take enough of it you'll be left in a blackout trying to find your car keys. The guys were nice enough to let us hang out at their jam spot for the night and record some tunes and screw around. Topics include musical influences, favorite British Invasion band, why Chris Cornell is better than everyone, and more. Big thanks to Charlie, Adam, & Paul for the beers and all the stupid laughs. Can't wait to do it all again.

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