Annihilation Gravy

This is not for the faint of heart. You are about to enter the world of a madman.
Annihilation Gravy is the soundtrack of a gun toting psycho that eliminate anything and anyone who gets in his way. Nobody is safe once the gun is cocked and the finger is on the trigger. His blood lust can't be controlled and can only be satisfied once the bullets start flying. Track after track of blistering death metal paves the way to total annihilation.


"Ascendance to the Summoning" - Archspire

"Orphans of Sickness" - Deeds of Flesh


"Self Proclaimed God" - Benighted

"A Nightmare Incarnate" - Ingested


"Circo Inhumanitis" - Cattle Decapitation

"Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation" - Viraema

"Dementia" - Through The Eyes of The Dead


"Corpses Thrown Across the Sky" - Rings of Saturn

"Rotted Paradise" - Oppressor


"A Massacre in the North" - Abominable Putridity


"Scavenging the Slaughtered" - Vomitory


"Vimana" - Nevalra

"No New Beginning" - Blood Red Throne


Brand New Episode


2 Assholes Talking Music #76

This week we're joined by Bridge for a quick jam session and a little interview afterwards. Bridge has been around for many years and has played many shows. A few line up changes later they're back to their core trio and have never sounded better. Like a fine wine, Bridge has aged well and if you take enough of it you'll be left in a blackout trying to find your car keys. The guys were nice enough to let us hang out at their jam spot for the night and record some tunes and screw around. Topics include musical influences, favorite British Invasion band, why Chris Cornell is better than everyone, and more. Big thanks to Charlie, Adam, & Paul for the beers and all the stupid laughs. Can't wait to do it all again.

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Habachi Chef Cooks On Regular Table

From the folks over at Click Hole. What happens when a trained habachi chef tries to cook on a regular table

Deep House Gravy

Jim from the 2 Assholes Talking Music Podcast put together an incredible groovy deep house mix over the weekend. When Jim gets in the lab he always puts out some pure fire. It's a spotlight mix of

Spiritchaser and Richard Earnshaw.
Tony Vass – "Fly Me Higher" (Earnshaw & Jones Radio Remode)
Spiritchaser – "I Have Seen" (Club Mix)
Spiritchaser – "Taiga" (Original Mix)
Mr. Moon feat. Desy – "Gonna Give You" (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Richard Earnshaw feat. Polina Griffith – "Can’t Go Back" (Classic Vocal Mix)
Spiritchaser – "Blue Skies" (Original Mix)
Spiritchaser – "Ride" (Original Mix)
Ross Couch – "Last One Home" (Spiritchaser Remix)
Husky – "Break Free" feat. Fourfeet (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Spiritchaser – "Yesterday’s Gone" (Tomorrow’s Dub)
Spiritchaser – "Ride" (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Cartier Fraser – "Love That You Need" (HK Beach House Edit)(Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Ayce DJ & Karlito feat. Paul Lee – "Havana" (Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal Mix)
Tony Momrelle – "Back Together Again" feat. Chantae Cann (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix) Spiritchaser – "Not Far" (Original Mix)
One51 – "Elevate" (Earnshaw’s House Mix)
Richard Earnshaw pres. Modified People – "We Are" (Original Mix)
Tony Momrelle – "Spotlight" (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix)
Allovers feat. Elliot Champman – "Psychedelic Love" (Earnshaw & Hayes Remix)
Ernst Schoemaker – "Lost In Time" (Spiritchaser Shifting Dub)

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Cocky MMA Fighter Gets Ass Kicked

If the outcome of this fight was determined by shitty tattoos and just being an asshole the white guy would of won hands down. Unfortunately for him the matches are still determined by skill and who can punch the other guy in the head harder. I mean seriously, who busts out the Karate Kid crane pose mid fight?!

No Thank You

Yoko Ono hits them with the ol' razzle dazzle and by razzle dazzle I mean yelling gibberish into an open mic at an art exhibit. Proving once again her greatest talent was marrying John Lennon.


CALL 911!!!!!

DO NOT Steal From This Store

Dude picked the wrong store to steal from....

Master of Puppets Acoustic Beatbox

Chicago native son Jaik Willis is doing some really cool things with just his voice and an acoustic guitar. Jaik isn't your typical singer/songwriter, that's far too boring. Jaik takes things to a next level as you can see in the video below with his beatbox version of Metallica's "Master of Puppets"